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The course starts 16/01 at 19:30

The goal of this series of workshops which we organized as a course is to boost your creativity, broaden your horizon and teach how to transfer your ideas onto canvas, expressing your artistic vision by using 5 main tools of a real artist.

Start: 19:30
Duration: 2 hours
All about composition in art
What are an idea and a colour palette without the queen of any artwork – composition? In this workshop we gonna learn how to think outside of the box while keeping it within the white square!
Have a look what we've got for you:

+ We will learn various types of composition
+ Will try different instruments in finding the perfect mapping out of the artwork
+ Will play around with various objects and their locations to understand the composition in action
+ Will sketch a still life with charcoal
+ Will learn how to use composition to express your idea and how to harmonize the idea of the artwork by harmonization of the canvas

19/01 GIVE ME COLOUR! Start: 13:30
Duration: 3,5 hours
All about colours in art
At this creative workshop we gonna study one of the main instruments of an artist: the colour.
Have a look what we've got for you:

+ We will learn the basics of painting with oil, the specific techniques, colour mixing and tiny professional secrets
+ Will try different ways of transferring your creative ideas onto the canvas using delicate oil paints
+ Using Picasso works of the Blue and Pink periods we'll observe and analyse the connection between artist's mood and his artistic expression
+ We'll create an artwork in Picasso style using all the knowledge we've got

23/01 WHAT A FORM! Start: 19:30
Duration: 2,5 hours
All about shapes in art

Form is the main focus of this workshop. We gonna be exploring this powerful instrument of an artist to learn how the various shapes and their dimensions are actually shaping an artwork.
Have a look what we've got for you:

+ We'll explore the style of cubism and will analyse all the aspects of this peculiar art movement
+ Will learn how to paint an object replacing its actual form with other shapes
+ Will play around painting our friends or loved ones using our associations with them and transferring it onto canvas in cubism style
+ Will work with tempera, exploring this beautiful medium
+ Will learn how to refine our artistic vision of the world

26/01 MIND YOUR TONE, Start: 13:30
Duration: 3,5 hours
All about hue in art

This workshop is all about the delicate work with colours, various hues, undertones and their values.
Here is what we've got for you:

+ We will learn the theory of colour and the basics of working with hues
+ Will practice our ability to define even the most delicate hues
+ Will learn how a right tone can help in creating a volume and depth
+ Will experiment with the composition and learn how to build one using space and volume
+ Will learn how to expand our artistic vision of the world
+ Will make a still life in different hues of same colour
+ Will work with oil paints and explore the possibilities of this amazing medium

30/01 VOLUME ON FULL, Start: 19:30
Duration: 2,5 hours
Everything you need to know about volume in art

This workshop is dedicated to the light, the darkness, and everything in between.
Here is what we've got for you:

+ We will learn about the importance of volume in artistic expression
+ Will study various techniques of creating volume in painting
+ Will expand our vision to start seeing the dimensions of things, and the ways of transferring them onto canvas
+ Will create a Picasso style self portrait mask using cardboard and papier-mâché

*NB: Preliminary payment is required! Please, book your seat at least 2 days in advance, the capacity of our studio is limited.