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The Macte Art project is aimed at supporting emerging artists working across different genres and media. As females, we know how challenging it may be to navigate the art world and pass the gatekeepers. As immigrants, we know that finding a place for you and your art in a foreign country requires ruthless energy and determination. And as artists, we know it is hard enough to find your way, find representation and showcase your work.

We create the Macte Art space to address all of these issues. We want to create a safe space for artists from countries, where freedom of expression is politically oppressed or stigmatised by the conservative society, and religion. We also aim to support local artists from Barcelona and to facilitate the connection among the local art scene and the international art communities. Finally, we are eager to give emerging artists, especially females and LGBTQI, a voice and strength to express themselves through art. As we realise the cultural sensitivities at play, we will make sure that each artist, regardless of the gender, sexual orientation, religion or origin feels safe, free to create and welcome by others in our artistic residency.

We are going to create a bespoke educational programme for collectors to guide them through new ways to understand art and political and sexual context underlying it.

We have already prepared the physical space and set up a company according to the Spanish law. We're currently building our website, setting the programme for the residence and making research for our first exhibitions. Because starting a business is difficult and although we've done a lot already, we need your help to get it off the ground.
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