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We believe that Emotional Intelligence (EI) is just as important as IQ. Especially in the modern times, when the most powerful skill is intuition. Art is not only about creating something beautiful, it's a key to deeper self-understanding. Once you understand yourself well enough, you're able to express yourself - and that's a smooth road to a happy wholesome life. Trust us, learning how to hold a brush and mix colors is well worth the result, which will exceed your expectations even if you won't start selling your works for billions immediately (but hey, let's aim for that, too!;)

The main purpose of our classes and workshops is to discover the uniqueness and exceptional style of each person who has made a decision to be our student.

Our goal is to teach you how to tell your one-of-a-kind story using creative tools - and let the world know the ARTIST was born.
Your Opinions
"I never knew I could draw, but after just 3 weeks in Barcelona I'm setting up my own studio back home! I loved everything about the course: the setup, the young fun teachers, the art walks, the people I met. Even the city itself was helping a lot, the local scene is very inspiring! I'd love to come back and do another set of workshops"
"Last time I was holding brushes I was probably 5. It was scary and exciting to get back to paints but the teachers made it so entertaining I actually managed to forget I had fear. I ended up going to bed dreaming of the next class! Acrylic paints is my new obsession, and oil too - so hard to choose. Excited to keep experimenting on my own"
Hong Kong
"I was studying fine arts back in the college but it's contemporary art that is my passion. I loved it that I've spent my holidays in Barcelona not only going to the beach and partying but also learning amazing things. We walked a lot, we laughed a lot. In the end of the course I have started an online zine about the street art, and the first feature is about Barcelona creative community and works you can see everywhere in this city"