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Immersive Online Art Educational Programm
"How to market yourself as an artist"
Tired of your daily routine? We know what you mean! Scared to be understimated as an artist? We feel you. Not sure how to properly make a presentation of your art? Been there. Your mom never complimented your way of express yourself? Tell us about it!

Hello there, we are Macte Art Space! The new generation art ecosystem and art community where the main focus is not on the art itself but YOU as an artist and personality. With the full force of the classical art education under our belt we take a brave step aside from the traditional form of "reading" and understanding art, and put artists (painters, musicians, writers, actors, photographers, film directors etc.) in the spotlight.

We believe that everyone is an artist. And we want you to believe in artist in yourself! Let us help.
Why are we doing this?
Once we were just like you, beginners to say the least. But true passion led us to the amazing heights and now, standing on the top of this hill we can tell with confidence: creativity does change lives! Our mission is to pass the knowledge about the most powerful skill we know to anyone who would love to try walking in artist's shoes. Whether stepping into the magic world of the greatest art creators has been your dream for a while or it's just the curiosity pushing you towards the new adventure, we will be excited to welcome you to our fast-growing family of artists. And what could be a better place for that than Barcelona, the work-of-art of its own!

Located in the heart of Barcelona, with all the perks of being in one of the most creative cities of Europe, we offer the shelter for emerging artists and giving the opportunity to express in all different ways. Come join our artistic, talented, multicultural community.
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